Minibar Liquid Analyser Guitar Pedal

We bet experimental electric guitarists are going to dig this mad-scientist-meet-guitarist guitar accessory called Minibar – Liquid Analyser. Minibar is a guitar overdrive pedal, but not just any old guitar pedal.

The weirdness is not limited to its look; its functionality is just as quirky. It is driven by liquid and it will not produce so much as a note without liquid in the tiny container that says “pour liquid here.”

Here’s where it gets interesting. So you know you need liquid to get it produce some sort of overdrive notes from your guitar, but what you don’t know is, it is also a science experiment of sort.

Minibar Liquid Analyser Guitar Pedal

What kind of overdrive tone you get depends very much on the type of liquid you introduced into the built-in receptacle. The liquid decides the amount and quality of the distortion, as well as the amount of treble and bass.

Well, you know what that means. It means, you will be getting custom the sound. Like, how cool is that? We thought it is super cool.

How it works is, how well your guitar’s AC signal conducts in the liquid determine the amount of gain while the opacity of the liquid decides the amount of treble and bass. I guess you could say Rainger FX Minibar is kind of like a mystery box of overdrive pedals and the ingredient of the mystery is in liquid you introduced into it.

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Sounds like a ton of fun. Can’t wait to hear someone playing the milk distortion version of Slayer’s Seasons In The Abyss! Rainger FX Minibar Liquid Analyser Guitar Pedal can be had for £99.17 (or about $130) a pop.

Images: Rainger FX.

Source: Engadget.