Remember Google Smart Contact Lens and the smart contact lens developed by University of Washington? Well, the Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens is not those. Using tears to measure blood sugar level is a science hard to prove, but putting augmented reality right on your eyeball may just work.

Putting A.R. on your eyeball is exactly what the Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens is about. This contact lens packs a 14,000ppi display on a wearable contact lens that shows relevant, eyes-up contextual notifications and answers.

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

In other words, it does what smart glasses, thus far, have to offer, but without actually wearing an eyewear.It is basically the future, now.

Designed by optometrists, technologists, and medical experts, Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens will also benefit people with vision disabilities. Speaking of which, it will be made available to people with impaired vision and low vision first before making its way to the general consumers.

The concept of putting a computer on your eyeball does sound absolutely bonkers. But the fact is, it is happening. Welcome to the future.

Images: Mojo Vision.

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