smart contact lens monitors wearer’s health & display info

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(image credit: CRAVE UK)

scientist Babk Parvix of the University of Washington has developed a smart contact lens that is capable of measuring the blood sugar levels of the wearer. the lens does this by its embedded electrodes that zap a small current through the tear fluid and a microelectronic chip will send the results to a wireless device in the wearer’s pocket. another amazing feat is that the device is able to send power wirelessly to the contact lens.

a prototype was developed back in 2009, but fast forward to 2011: a pair of red and blue LEDs has been developed for the lens and can be embedded into the lens to display color images. head-up display has neer this close – just imagine information right at your eye. this means, augmented reality right in your eyes could be very well be a possibility. that means we could be spotting Terminator vision in future, except that we can’t zoom in and out like the T-800 did.

apparently, having this miniaturized circuitry in the lenses mean that the circuits will be see in our eye, thus making us looking like Stepford Wives but i’m sure we will get use to it pretty quick. don’t we? we are more intrigued by the possibility of displaying information in the eye which could include navigational directions, displaying info on what you see et cetera. wow. we are totally lost for words. just hope when we won’t go ‘ouch’ when the lenses start zapping the tear fluid for information.

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