Costco Is Selling A 5-Tier Wedding Cake Made Entirely Out Of Cheese

Clearly, whoever came up with the idea of this alternative to traditional wedding cake does not think about those who are lactose intolerant. Just saying… What you see here is a five-tier wedding cake made entirely of gourmet cheese sourced from around the world and it is currently listed on Costco website under ‘Gourmet Foods’. […]

27-lb Mac-And-Cheese Is Fit For Any Survivalist’s Post-apocalypse Bunker

Good news, survivalists! Your life hiding deep inside a luxury post-apocalypse bunker will not be just about canned food and seriously, you will have Costco to thank because that’s where you find the 27-pound Mac-and-Cheese Bucket. Not only, you will be able to consume something other than canned food, this bucket of elbow pasta has […]

Swann Quad Starship RC Quadcopter

with no less than 20 birds in its arsenal, Swann is certainly no stranger to RC flying toy (even one that drops bubbles!), but a quadcopter is something new to the lineup, which is what makes it worthy of a mention. looking like an aircraft that pops out of a sci-fi movie, the Swann Quad Starship RC Quadcopter is propelled by four rotors, each having its own protective guard.

Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator

how much would pay for a life-size racing simulator? no wait. don’t answer that. actually we should rephrase that to ‘would you love to have a racing car simulator rig integrated into a life-size Formula 1 race car?’ that sounds better, doesn’t it? now that we got your attention, let’s settle in for some details of this Full Size Formula Racing Car Simulator built by FMCG…