Good news, survivalists! Your life hiding deep inside a luxury post-apocalypse bunker will not be just about canned food and seriously, you will have Costco to thank because that’s where you find the 27-pound Mac-and-Cheese Bucket. Not only, you will be able to consume something other than canned food, this bucket of elbow pasta has a mind-boggling 20-year shelf life (!) and boy, at 27-lb, it can sure feed many mouths. Much to our amazement, this bucketful of Chef’s Banquet Macaroni & Cheese Storage Bucket offers up to 180 servings of cheesy elbow pasta.

Costco 27-pound Mac-and-Cheese Bucket

Macaroni is not exactly my thing, but hey, I will gladly take it if it is going to be an apocalypse coming and maybe you should too if you are a survivalist who have already stashed cans after cans of “emergency food” in your homemade bunker. As you may have already noted, this creation is from Chef’s Banquet – a name that is no stranger to to family-size food.

Even so, Chef’s Banquet may have outdone itself with this 27-pound elbow pasta and that’s not to mention the astonishing 2-decade shelf life. Each bucket contains 180 servings of elbow pasta, accompanied by 180 servings of Cheddar Cheese Sauce and they are packed in separate zip-seal Metallite pouches with oxygen absorbers.

Costco 27-pound Mac-and-Cheese Bucket

Separate pouches mean if you are a lone survival, you can take your time to deplete the Mac & Cheese. How thoughtful. That’s not to mention the 6-gallon heavy duty bucket with gamma lid may come in handy for certain situations. I mean. You know how it is with post-apocalypse times; every resources is critical, even if it is just a bucket. Fittingly, Chef’s Banquet Macaroni & Cheese Storage Bucket is listed under ‘Emergency Kits & Supplies’, under ‘All Emergency Food’ on Costco website. It can be yours for $89.99 a bucket, including shipping and handling.

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But this bucketful of elbow pasta has suddenly gained some really serious attention and it was sold out ever since. Apparently, it has been around for a while now, but not all hopes are lost because, the product is on backorder and so, you can put in your order and expect it to arrive sometime in February 2019. Great. From February 2019 up till February 2039, your hunger will be covered if there’s ever going to be a need for you to dwell in a post-apocalypse bunker. So, I guess I can count that (continual availability) as a good news. Maybe?

Images: Costco.

Source: New York Post.

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