We do not know which is the world’s most expensive paint and how much it costs but we may have some ideas or what is the world’s most expensive non-paint, paint. That would be this: Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag. Yup. A bag style after a paint can.

Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag

We shouldn’t be surprised. Conversational pieces have been staples of contemporary designer pieces in recent years. Just look at Balenciaga (who is probably the maestro in this respect).

Even the Parisian fashion house isn’t stranger to “shock fashion”. Remember the wearable cityscape jacket? Or the puppet sweater? Or the airplane bag? I rest my case. These “shock fashion” pieces practically advertised themselves without the need for expensive marketing campaigns. The airplane bag is drop-dead cool, btw, IMHO.

Anyhoo, the Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag has a special significance too, having first graced the world stage at the Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 show which was the final show predominantly designed by Virgil Abloh before his passing. Furthermore, it comes in a choice of six of Vigil’s signature colors: purple, orange, red, green, yellow, and blue.

Each piece is crafted from cowhide leather for both the base and trims, and features coated canvas, microfiber lining, silver metal hardware (including the oh-so-paint can metal handle), and a magnetic flap-opened compartment that looked just like a paint can lid.

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While the bag is rocking enlarged text and motifs, at a glance, it may be mistaken for an actual paint can. Perhaps that’s the whole idea? Anyhoo, it comes with a white leather strap for carrying as a crossbody bag, if you prefer not to carry it like you would with an actual paint can.

The Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag is available for US$2,850.

Louis Vuitton Paint Can Bag

Images: Louis Vuitton [US].


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