Adrenalin junkies love the thrill that speed brings and the easiest way to get the speed fix is via cars. But if you don’t mind, a really, really fast RC car could give the same level of speed satisfaction. Ok, maybe not all RC cars can, but you surely can get your blood pumping with TRAXXAS XO-1 4WD electric RC car, a big boy toy we featured years ago that’s well capable 100 mph or more. However, while XO-1 maybe a scale car, it could be as dangerous a real car. Don’t believe? Just check out The Slow Mo Guys’ latest slow-mo video: 100MPH RC Car in Slow-mo.

In this episode, the duo put the mind-bending speed of the XO-1 to the test and it wasn’t just the speed the guys were after; it was all the ‘what happen if’ scenarios like what happen if it crashes at an insane speed, what happen if it bashes through a pile of flour (the most beautiful scene, imho), or what happen if two speed demons collide? I am sure those are burning questions XO-1 owners have and wouldn’t want to find out with their thousand dollars rig.

This is where this video comes in: it lets you admire the beauty of the 100 mph RC car in action and also show you the inevitable destruction if things went horribly wrong – all in the slow motion, so you don’t have write off your miniature ride to know the what ifs.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

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