Ever wonder what One Punch Man live action will look like? Well, wonder no more because, YouTube channel RE:Anime has showed us how One Punch Man should look like with a One Punch Man Live Action short film.

One Punch Man Live Action by RE:Anime

RE:Anime is an outfit specializing in turning anime shows into fan-made live-action anime short films and their latest live action adaption of the rising anime series really showcased their chops. Honestly, RE:Anime may have set the bar too high for Sony Pictures that is making an official One Punch Man movie.

Obviously, RE:Anime did not create the entire series. However, the team picked a key scene of the series: a test fight between Saitama and his newfound student, Genos the cyborg.

One Punch Man Live Action by RE:Anime

RE:Anime may be creating videos and posting them on YouTube channel, but holy shit, the outcome of the short film was faithful to the original.

I hope Saitama isn’t reading this because, we may have accidentally used more than 20 words. And he certainly don’t have the patience for anything more than 20 words. He rather spend time watering his cactus with this cute little elephant watering can.

Anywho, in the name of Saitama, we shall spare you from even more words. Skip ahead for the awesome One Punch Man Live Action by RE:Anime.

Images: YouTube (RE:Anime).

Hat tip: comicbook.com.

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