The Slow Mo Guys Explains How A TV Works With Super Slow Motion

OK. Before we proceed, we have some words of warning for you guys. Do not watch the video posted below if you are somewhat sensitive to flashing lights. Any kind of flashing lights. I am not going to lie, I felt nauseous when and after watching this particular video. So, you have been warned. Now, […]

Watch The Beauty And Destruction Of A 100 MPH RC Car In Slow Motion

Adrenalin junkies love the thrill that speed brings and the easiest way to get the speed fix is via cars. But if you don’t mind, a really, really fast RC car could give the same level of speed satisfaction. Ok, maybe not all RC cars can, but you surely can get your blood pumping with […]

Watch WWI Airplane’s Machine Gun Vs Its Own Propeller In Slow-Mo

Whether or not you already knew why a WWI fighter airplane’s machine gun never strikes its own propeller, this video will leave you completely satisfied. Why? Because, slow-mo. Yes. It is The Slow Mo Guys, the dudes who just can’t stop making slow-motion videos on just about everything imaginable and this time, the duo explores […]