While we do not know if you will able to turn heads with the wearable city jackets, Louis Vuitton has a few pieces of winter wear you can buy now that will have just the same level of head-turning effect. Folks, these are the Louis Vuitton Pupper Baseball Jacket and Hoodie.

Louis Vuitton Puppet Baseball Jacket and Hoodie

One look, you know these are surefire apparels to get people to notice you. Like, how can anyone ignore a dude wearing a hoodie with a bunch of puppets hanging of it? Obviously not.

Graphics of cute animals on apparels are cute, but when they are 3D, like these dangling puppets, they will make people stare and giggle. It’s like beautiful anime girls. They look good on the screen and manga, but you are going to freak out if the actual face and features were to appear in real life. Think you get the idea.

Louis Vuitton Puppet Baseball Jacket and Hoodie

I guess the shock factor is inline with Virgil Abloh’s philosophy and true enough, that was what LV described the Puppet Baseball Jacket – which features two of the collection’s 3D puppets on its otherwise run of the mill upcycle fabric made jacket.

But for the true shock (and giggle effect), you should look at the Puppet Hoodie which has no less than 11 3D puppets hanging of it. Unlike the baseball jacket, the hoodie is a made-to-order product. The focus here is on the puppet details from this season’s LV Friends theme.

“Crafted from a blend of crochet and cotton-silk jersey and featuring embroidered eyes, the puppets are sown onto a classic hoodie shape in compact felpa cotton. The piece is signed with the collection’s new black satin label with beige lettering.”

Louis Vuitton Puppet Baseball Jacket and Hoodie

Of course, this being LV, the only shock factor is not just the puppets. The stickers, too, are quite a shocker. The Puppet Baseball Jacket will run you back at US$6,100 while the Puppet Hoodie commands a princely sum of US$7,450 (even more in Hong Kong). The latter is listed as ‘Sold Out’ in LV US website, but not in the EU website where you can ‘call for inquiry’.

Louis Vuitton Puppet Baseball Jacket and Hoodie

Images: Louis Vuitton [US].

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Source: New York Post.

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