Reebok Celebrates Lunar New Year With Reebok x Tom and Jerry Collection

They say it is a homage to classic cartoon series originally created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Tom and Jerry. But deep down we know the real reason why there is a Reebok x Tom and Jerry Collection at this time.

Godzilla Christmas Sweater Is Far From Being An Ugly Sweater, But Still Awesome

Godzilla probably won’t give a whiff about Christmas, but as a super fan who care about Christmas, you can celebrate this Holiday season and at the same time reaffirm your undying love for this iconic radioactive beast.

Project X Gaming Loungewear Is How To Dress And Stream As A Gamer

There is no right way to dress for gaming. You can dress however you fancy. In tee and berms/jeans like Shroud or Pewdiepie, or you can wear nothing at all. Just kidding. You can’t be naked when streaming. You will be banned. On a serious note, being naked won’t get you style point, but Project […]

Vollebak’s Insanely Hardcore 100 Year Hoodie Is Made From Kevlar Fibers

You may have seen the 100 Year Hoodie before, but make no mistake because, this one here is different. Way different. This piece here, though still referred to as “hoodie,” is essentially a jacket and it is fashioned from 100 percent Kevlar. Yes. You heard that right. It is made from the same space age […]

BAPE X Minions Apparels Cos’, Grown Men Deserve Minions Hoodies Too

How many grown men harbor the desire to dress like a Minion from Despicable Me (outside of cosplay, that is)? I don’t know? Maybe, none? However, if you are one of the those grown-ass men who adore the yellow creatures and not afraid to show it, well, then here’s 2017 BAPE x Minions apparels to […]

AiraWear: Discreet Massage On-The-Go As You Go About Your Daily Routines

After a hard’s day work at the office, some people find solace in massage, but why wait till you knock off when you can get a massage right there and then? Heck, you can even have that much needed tension release right there on the train. Don’t worry, with the AiraWear Massage Hoodie, no sexy […]

This Is The World’s First Smartphone-Controlled Heated Jacket

Heated jackets are not new, but one that can pre-warm so it will be nice and cosy whenever you need it? Now, that’s something new. Sinapsi Smartphone-controlled Heated Jacket is one such outerwear that has such technology incorporated into it. It is powered by a removable, portable battery that slips into the jacket’s inner pocket […]

“Anti-Paparazzi” Hoodie Prevents Paparazzi From Taking Pictures Of You

DJ Chris Holmes may not a celebrity like Sir Paul McCartney, but he certainly knows how to keep paparazzi from snapping unauthorized images of him or whoever who wears his brilliant invention which he refers to as Flashback Anti-Paparazzi Hoodie. Like many awesome creations, Chris’s invention was kind of by accident. It happens during a […]

Utah-based Ravean Proves That Heated Outerwear Can Be Fashionable Too

When the cold gets a little too cool for comfort, you can either pack yourself up like a sandwich or you could go with fashionable, lightweight heated jackets like those from Utah-based startup, Ravean. The concept of heated jacket is not new, but we noticed something about them: they are hardly fashionable and for some […]

This Is Optimus Prime Souped Up By A Bathing Ape And It Looks Awesome

the classic Optimus Prime sheds its red/blue with flame design as part of the Transformers x A Bathing Ape 2014 Capsule Collection, which was announced to coincide with the release of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Japan on August 8, which is kind of weird that the the collaboration did not base on the silverscreen […]