Japanese streetwear label A Bathing Ape aka BAPE is celebrating the 40 years of Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982, Universal Pictures) with A Bathing Ape x ET Collection. The A Bathing Ape x ET Collection features apparel presented with graphics of iconic scenes and characters of the film in the design language of BAPE, thus marrying nostalgia, cuteness, and streetwear fashion.

A Bathing Ape x ET Collection
APE HEAD for the Moon!

One of the highlights of the collection is the iconic scene where Elliott (played by Henry Thomas), with E.T. inside the bicycle’s basket, took flight with the full moon as the backdrop. In this BAPE rendition found on the BAPE X ET APE HEAD TEE, the bright full moon is being replaced with APE HEAD. Only the shape of the moon was replaced.

The texture and graphic that represents a moon are still present which makes for a very impressive visual effect. This super cool BAPE x ET graphic can be found on the t-shirt collection which is available in black and white. This t-shirt further features a glow-in-the-dark E.T. branding along with A Bath Ape branding. A large E.T. branding, in a reflective finish, can also be found on the sleeve of the long-sleeved t-shirt.

The collection also pays homage to Elliot’s red hoodie which was famously seen worn in the movie with a BAPE X ET APE HEAD ZIP HOODIE (which is also available in black). The message of E.T.’s farewell words “I’ll…be…right..here.” can be found on the upper part of the sleeve rib of the hoodies too, presented in BAPE styling with the APE HEAD logo.

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And then there is the BABY MILO series, which has both regular tees and long-sleeve tees, featuring BABY MILO in the iconic Elliot’s red hoodies, Elliot, and E.T.

Also available in less convincing black.

The A Bathing Ape x E.T. Collection is available starting September 3, 2022, from BAPE.com. The BAPE X ET APE HEAD TEE and the BAPE X ET BABY MILO TEE sell for 7,150 yen (US$50) and 9,900 yen (US$69) for adults and kids size, respectively. The BAPE X ET BABY MILO L/S TEE, on the other hand, retails for 13,200 yen (US$92) for adults size and 9,350 yen (US$65) for kids size. Finally,  BAPE X ET APE HEAD ZIP HOODIE goes for 33,000 yen (US$230).

Images: A Bathing Ape [JP].

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