Giant Flying LEGO Helicopter Drone

Remember Adam Woodworth? The dude who made the Giant LEGO Plane that flies and also the insanely awesome NERF ball-shooting RC A-10? Well, he is back, this time with another giant flying LEGO: a scaled up LEGO helicopter from the LEGO 6396 International Jetport set from 1990. This thing is not the puny LEGO helicopter and yes, it indeed flies. And when it does, it looks like the unimaginable just happened.

Giant Flying LEGO Helicopter Drone

Woodworth’s Giant LEGO Helicopter looks exactly like the toy version, but obviously, it is a lot bigger, or 10 times larger to be precise. The sight of the Giant Flying LEGO Helicopter flying was pretty surreal. Woodworth’s Giant Flying LEGO Helicopter is actually a quadcopter that has four rotors cleverly integrated to each corner of the two skids. Thanks to the black rotor blades, you will hardly notice them on the skids.

Giant Flying LEGO Helicopter Drone

The aerodynamic defying rectangular main rotor is spun by a propeller to create the illusion that it is doing all the heavy lifting, albeit it moving a little too slowly. In fact, it rotates so slowly that it feels almost like what a video of a helicopter will look like when camera shutter speed is in sync with the aircraft’s rotor speed. That slow-mo spinning rotor and the fact it looks so much like a real LEGO helicopter are exactly why seeing it flying is so surreal.

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Woodworth crafted the entire aircraft himself using laser cut foam, and painted it to look exactly like the toy model. He even went to length to create the minifigure pilot which really is a giant figure pilot. Now, that, my friends, is perfection.

Images: YouTube (Tested).

Source: tom’s guide.