The A-10 Thunderbolt II AKA Warthog is every tank’s nightmare and being a pretty celebrated aircraft in the battlefield since the 70s, it is only natural it became one of the favorite model in the RC world. Speaking of A-10 RC model, while most people would be content with the toy as-is, you know, pulling brilliant low passes and enjoying the whirling sound the ducted fans made, YouTuber ajw61185, took it a step further with his old Freewing A-10 and put it under the knife to realize the RC world’s A-10 Warthog with “30mm Gatling gun.” Naturally, it is not a real 30mm rotary cannon, but close enough as far as toy is concerned.

ajw61185 has pared down a NERF Rival Zeus Blaster to enable it to fit into the nose of the Freewing A-10 and rigged it to a remote trigger which he can fire right off the RC aircraft’s transmitter. The result is an A-10 that can unleash a salvo of 12 foam balls in less half a second. Yes. It is that fast. The caveat here is a dozen foam balls is all can do in one run. If only it could be loaded with more foam ammunition, then it would be perfect, but I guess this is closest anyone can get to a real thing and with no real destruction.

Anywho, ajw61185’s NERF Blaster-equipped Freewing RC A-10 is enough to wow us all. Catch the RC A-10 firing away in the video after the post.

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Image: screengrab from ajw61185’s YouTube video.

YouTube via Foxtrot Alpha

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