Master Chief AKA MCPON John-117 is arguably as iconic as the game Halo itself – probably because he was the only survivor in the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers program, though the animation movie depicted otherwise, but that’s another story for another day. With the exception of the animation series, which actually show the young John-117’s face, no one actually knows the face behind that glimmering, solar shield visor of the hero’s battle-worn helmet. However, in real life, that person could be anyone, including your good self. All you have to do is to don this 500 bucks Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica and you are pretty much the Master Chief – although you still won’t be the cybernetic supersoldier like he was.

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica

Even if you don’t ride motorcycle, this helmet will save you the trouble of making one for your cosplay suit. Apart from looking like the ‘real deal’, it definitely offers more protection to your delicate skull than your foam-made cosplay version since this is a real motorcycle helmet that “meets or exceeds DOT standards.” So, if you ride a bike to cosplay dressed up as the Master Chief, then this would be a perfect, dual purpose gear. As a motorcycle helmet, it had most features you would expect of one, including front air intakes to minimize shield fogging, rear exhaust vents to keep your head cool and dry, dual-layer EPS cheek pads, UV-protected shield (note: not solar shield), and eyeglasses-friendly, moisture-wicking interior – just to name a few.

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Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica comes in four sizes to fit a variety of head sizes and can be yours to own for $499.99 a pop. The price pretty much states its priorities, which is motorcycle helmet first, cosplay second.

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica

Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet Replica

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