Bicycle with Saw Blade Wheels by The Q

You have seen a car with saw blade wheels crossing a frozen lake and you probably have seen RC cars with saw blade for wheels cutting through powdered ground and dirt tracks. Now, meet a bicycle with saw blade wheels and it too, wants to ride over a frozen lake.

That’s right, folks. You know it is going happen sooner or later, and now it has happen. This saw blade wheel bicycle is real and the man responsible for this out-of-this-world bicycle is none other then The Q.

Bicycle with Saw Blade Wheels by The Q
The saw blade wheel bicycle seen here after modification to the blade’s teeth.

The Q has made a bunch of stuff, but it seems like he had a thing for making weird out of a bicycle. We totally think he should combine the saw blade wheel bicycle with the bicycle with mechanical walking legs. It should be more stable than the saw blade-only version. Just throwing out there.

Anywho, The Q’s contraption totally works… well, after modifying saw blade teeth a little.

Here, have a look at the build process and the bicycle in action:

Images: YouTube (The Q).

Hat top: Laughing Squid.