Talk about reinventing the wheel… a Finnish couple kind of just did that, well, years after Adam and Jamie tried rolling on square wheels. But the Finnish couple behind the YouTube channel Beyond the Press, a channel that does wacky experiments, did not try to roll on square wheels. Instead, they swapped out the stock wheels of the 150HP Subaru Legacy AWD for 1/2-inch thick saw blades. That’s right. Thick, huge ass and crazy sharp saw blades as wheels.

Subaru Legacy with Saw Blade Wheels

Like, what could possibly go wrong right? Probably nothing. But I won’t stand near it anyways (thanks, Final Destination!) and also, it is probably not a good idea to drive it onto a frozen lake. I mean, seriously, spinning saw blades and ice don’t exactly see eye-to-eye, if you know what I mean. Oh, wait. Actually, driving on frozen lake was what they did. Fortunately, the car survive the trip around a local frozen lake and live to tell the tale. Apparently, the lake isn’t too deep and so, Beyond the Press did a calculated risk for the sake of experiment.

Subaru Legacy with Saw Blade Wheels

While it did worked, it is needless to say that “tires” with teeth won’t have as much traction as rubber tires with or without snow chain, on road or on powdered ground. Anywho, have a look at the entire experiment to witness what a Subaru Legacy with saw blade wheels rides out. But don’t try this at home. We don’t need to tell how dangerous this can be, do we?

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Images: YouTube (Beyond the Press).

Source: Carscoops.

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