GM To Test Michelin Airless Tires In Preparation For Real-World Use In 2024

Airless tires. You have seen them applied on bicycles and ATV, but never on automobiles. Well, that will soon change when General Motors begin testing Michelin-developed Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (UPTIS) on the automaker’s fleet of Chevrolet Bolts. The U.S. automaker and the French tire maker jointly presented the airless wheel technology at the Movin’On […]

Goodyear Dreams Of The Boldest Flying Car Concept Yet With Aero Tires

To be perfectly, we are kind of disappointed with the progress of flying cars. It seems like flying cars that so many companies claimed to be making are nothing more than an aircraft. Our concept of flying stemmed from Matt Trakker’s Thunderhawk. OK. Maybe not the gullwing doors that make it fly, but something along […]

Lexus Asked John Elliot To Design Custom Tires Inspired By His Shoe

Looks like Lexus is going all out to drum up the hype on the new 2019 Lexus UX Compact Crossover. First, it roped in Matt Leinart to star in a campaign that applies UX’s safety tech to protect quarterbacks, and now this: asking designer John Elliot to design a set of custom tires inspired by […]

SnapSkan Digitally Checks Your Car’s Tires So You Don’t Have To

When it comes to automobile, the only things that are in contact with the surface are the tires and therefore, it is safe to say they are extremely crucial to safe driving. I should know better, but that’s another story for another day. Anywho, even in the face of this fact, many drivers shook off […]

NASA New Rover Tire Is Airless, Returns To Original Shape After Deformation

Automakers share the pain of flat tires with motorists and that is why we have run flat tires. And that’s here on Earth where emergency vehicle services are always a phone call away. Now, imagine the same thing happen when the vehicle is, say, 33.9 million miles away on Mars. Surely, NASA did not have […]

You Can Now Roll On Hello Kitty Tires, Thanks To A Sanrio And Nexen Collab

When I first came across the Hello Kitty-themed tires, my immediate thought was, the Smart fortwo in Hello Kitty wrap could use these tires. After all, if you want to complete the look, why not go all the way? I mean, if you could wrap your tires, you probably would, but since you can’t, this […]

Bridgestone’s Radical Airless Tire Is Making Its Way To Bicycle

We have seen a handful of airless tires for bicycles, but to date, it has not seen wide spread adoption. That’s kind of odd, because we can’t see why cyclists don’t want to go punctuate-free. Anywho, perhaps the answer is not as simple as going all rubber, or putting holes in solid rubber. Perhaps, more […]

This Company Wants To Sell You Air-less Tires That Last Thousands Of Miles

Flats on tires rank among one of the worst nightmares any motorist could face and while technologies have minimized flats from hindering with motorcars’ performance, bicycles have yet to enjoy this incentive, well, actually no. In fact, air-less tires that promised a flat-free biking experience has been around since 2014, but apparently, they are either […]

Goodyear Imagines Spherical Tires For Future Autonomous Cars

Seldom do we hear the word ‘concept’ and ‘tires’ being used together, except for a rare few occasions and this rare occasion happened during this year’s Geneva Motor Show when Goodyear reimagined tires entirely. The tire maker has envisioned that the tires of the future could be spherical with the car riding on them via […]

Aither 1.1: It is Like Pneumatic Bicycle Tires, But Will Never Ever Puncture

I am sure you have heard of puncture-free bicycle tires. Those tires, while offering a worry-free ride, may or may not be as comfy and could even add resistance to your riding. It shouldn’t matter if you are a casual rider or don’t ride as far out, but to competitive cyclists and those who travel […]