Aoshima Godzilla x Evangelion Unit-01 Model Kit

Good news, super fans of Evangelion and/or Godzilla. If you missed getting the Godzilla vs Evangelion Mechagodzilla EVA-1 Color ver. from X-Plus from a few years ago, here’s another chance to pick up a new version coming from model kit maker Aoshima.

Aoshima Godzilla x Evangelion Unit-01 Model Kit
Credit: AmiAmi.

During the virtual Winter Wonder Festival 2021, Aoshima revealed the Godzilla x Evangelion Mechagodzilla Unit-01 model kit. The kit is a snap-type, color plastic model kit which means there is no gluing and painting.

The kit is made of PS, ABS, and PVC, and measures around 240 mm (9.5 inches) tall when built. From the looks of it, it is look almost identical to the X-Plus version, except that this is a little shorter.

Aoshima Godzilla x Evangelion Unit-01 Model Kit
Credit: Reddit (u/speedballharo9).

The slightly smaller size is a worthy compromise considering that the X-Plus 30cm version now commands anything from 500+ USD to over 1,500 USD in the open market. You can find smaller Seven-Eleven collab pieces, but even then those commands 200+.

That said, those open market prices does make the Godzilla x Evangelion Unit-01 Model Kit’s asking price of 12,500 yen (about US$119.10) fairly attractive.

The only downside is, assembly is required. The kit, which is officially called EVA Global 5th Godzilla vs. Evangelion Type-3, EVA Unit-01 Color Ver., is expected to drop in Spring 2021.

Images: AmiAmi/Reddit (u/speedballharo9).

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Source: Siliconera.