The last time we featured cool stuff from Mighty Jaxx, it was when it haven’t acquired a proper domain. Yeah. It was that long, long time ago. The toy maker is back with something new and fun, and its Transformers, but with a slightly fun twist.

Transformers x QUICCS Megatron by Might Jaxx

The Singapore-based toy design studio, toy maker and retailer has revealed its latest addition to its Transformers bust collection, the Transformers x QUICCS Megatron.

Once again, Mighty Jaxx has teamed up with Filipino illustrator/toy designer that shows the “fun side” of Megatron. It is vinyl bust featuring Megatron armed with two spray paint cans, ready to show off his flair for graffiti.

Transformers x QUICCS Megatron by Might Jaxx

While not threatening anyone with his cannon, Megatron is no less “evil” here as implied by his usual menacing grin and ermm, spray cans?

The vinyl bust is not big; I believe it is around 7 inches tall and like the previous offerings (which shared the same party theme), it is limited to just 500 copies worldwide, each going for US$249.

Pre-order is happening now over at

Transformers x QUICCS Megatron by Might Jaxx

Images: Mighty Jaxx.

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