Since WHO had a change of tune a few weeks ago on the policy of wearing a face mask, there have been a flood of instructions on how to make your own face mask, ranging from HEPA filter-made contraption to easy-to-make no-sew variety. The Everymask by Roo Williams you see here is yet another.

Everymask is also a no sew mask, but what sets William’s design apart is, it promised to have a better seal. Here’s the gist of Everymask:

“EVERYMASK is a DIY, no sew mask that uses a custom harness to tightly fit a sheet of filter material to a person’s face. It’s built with the idea that SOMETHING is better than nothing. It uses an adjustable head strap to avoid ear fatigue and a custom-formed nose piece spreads tension across more of the nose and cheeks vs creating sores on the bridge. By using an elastic loop around the face and pulling it in using the head strap a better seal is created.”

With this design, the focus is mainly not the frame and the head strap and what kind of disposal or washable material you want to use is entirely up to you.Williams’ design can be made with commonplace household materials and tools. If you are interested in making one, do hit up Williams’ website for the instructions.

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Everymask DIY Custom Fit Face Mask
A few more views of the “frame” of Roo Williams’ face mask.

Images: Roo Williams.

Source: designboom.

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