I’m Back is a brilliant gadget that turns analog camera into digital camera. It created quite some interests back in 2017 and today, it is back with I’m Back 35. As the product name suggests, it adds digital imaging to 35 mm SLRs.

The major improvement over the original is, it is now compatible with even more old cameras – thanks to the new universal back cover. I’m Back said the I’m Back 35 is compatible with “almost all SLR and rangefinder cameras.”

I’m Back 35 Analog to Digital Converter

Also new are a new Manual setting, a larger quick change battery (2,400 mAh), supports both RAW and JPEG file formats, and a 2-inch touch monitor.

Obviously, captured images are stored in memory card instead and in this case, it would be a microSD card. The system can support up to 128 GB. Images can also be transferred to compatible mobile devices via WiFi.

You can pre-order I’m Back 35 on Kickstarter for starting price of 249 CHF, or according to Kickstarter, about US$258 or more. There are dedicated back covers for select devices, but those will cost a little more.

I’m Back 35 is the third digital converter from the company. The second product is a low cost Medium Format model which was crowdfunded last year. If you are interested in Medium Format, I’m Back low cost Medium Format digital back is actually still available to pre-order on Indiegogo InDemand for $464.

I’m Back 35 Analog to Digital Converter

Images: I’m Back.

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Source: PetaPixel.

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