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can’t get enough of Instagram? lucky for you, Insta-addicts, there are smartphone apps to keep you in the loop of your favorites insta-pics. however, if you are looking for something even more convenient, then you look no further then the Instacube. conceived by D2M, Instacube is a Instagram-dedicated photo frame that connects wireless to your home network via its built-in WiFi and stream those beautiful Instagram photos right to you without having to access through your computer or mobile devices. it features a Instagram-optimized 600×600 LCD touch display, an internal lithium-ion battery for mobility, and three tactile buttons – one for power, one for switching between feeds, and one for liking the current displayed photo. what’s more, this nifty little digital photo frame does not need a rocket scientist to set it up: all it need is a simple three-step setup and you are good to go. oh, did we mention that it is Android-powered? sweet. the Instacube can be yours to own for $149 and oh yes, it is another awesome crowd funding project on Kickstarter that is destined to become a reality. 18 days more to go and it is already more than 150% over its original goal of $250k. wow. check out a cool pledge video after the break.

Kickstarter via Wired

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