Keyboard with Custom Food Keycaps by Tiny

We have seen artisan food keycaps for mechanical keyboards, but we don’t believe we have seen a keyboard that has all the keycaps replaced by food keycaps. Well, that’s until now.

Keyboard with Custom Food Keycaps by Tiny

What you see here is a mechanical keyboard with all its keys replaced with custom food keycaps. Questionable real world use aside, I got to say it looks fantastic. This food keycaps filled keyboard, nickname ‘smorgasbord‘, was created by Tiny, an artisan keycaps maker.

The creativity is strong with this keyboard. It is not just fun and not just about cutesy miniature food; this keyboard full of food keycaps is also a pop culture thing and very hunger-inducing.

You can find stuff like Lotus Biscoff for the ‘lotus’ key, Boba Tea for ’T’, donut for D, cheeseburger for ‘B’, BLT sandwich for ALT key, and a super long Subway sandwich for the longest key, the SPACE bar – just to name a few.

Keyboard with Custom Food Keycaps by Tiny

Basically, these are food we are all too familiar with and writing about it makes me have cravings that will threaten my cholesterol and weight.

As far as practical use, Tiny demonstrated that her Keyboard with Custom Food Keycaps is actually usable. But obviously, it is not the most practical given that the uneven nature of the keys and also the lack of letters, numbers and symbols.

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If you are good at touch typing, you should be good. Well, not that you can buy this.

Anyways… you may check out a walk through of this delectable keyboard in the video embedded after the post and be sure to check out Tiny’s website as well as Instagram page for more her creations.

Images: YouTube (tiny).

Source: Technabob.