When the first 3D Pen was announced, we were elated, but at the same time apprehensive because of potential burn that the hot tip could inflict on the users. Then along comes the CreoPop that does away with hot tip by using light-sensitive liquid resin, but that’s not completely child-safe. Now, there is a new entrant that could blow its competition by being safest 3D printing pen, ever. Dubbed Polyes Q1, this chubby pen also uses photo-polymer that solidifies immediate when exposed to blue LED light. In addition to lessen the risk of injury to the eyes, the 3D printing pen also boast a built in tilt sensor that will turn the LED light off if the pen is tilt beyond a certain threshold so unsuspecting little ones’ delicate eyes won’t be exposed to the curing light.

Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D Printing Pen

Apart from the a bevy of color options, Future Make, the folks behind Polyes Q1, will also offer a slew of innovative ink types including glow-in-the-dark, aromatic, transparent, and even temperature-changing photo-polymers to further expand the creativity envelope. The device runs completely untethered; it uses cartridge instead of cumbersome filament and it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery good for up to 5 hours per charge and up to 5 days of standby time. It offers a few modes of usage, though the company did not quite detail what are those modes are.

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The Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D Printing Pen is offered in UV light and Blue Light models, both which can be acquired by backing the product’s Kickstarter campaign, where you can secure a UV light version for as low as $69. And there is no worrying about the realization. The campaign has gone beyond its set funding goal of $50K, which means the product is a go and you can be expecting your Polyes Q1 to arrive as soon as March-April 2015. Continue reading for the product pitch video.

Polyes Q1 Cool-Ink 3D Printing Pen

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