who isn’t thrill about 3D printing? i guess most of us do but the price and the need for tinkering with special software to get started with 3D printing kind of drench the thrill. however, things are set to change with the 3Doodler, a 3D printing pen that uses the same heated extrusion head found on a 3D printer and incorporates it into a pen-like device, complete with an onboard fan to cool the extrusion instantaneously. a piece of 3mm thick ABS or PLA plastic is fed through the back of the 3D printing pen, goes through the elements within the pen and exits in the form of a plastic extrusion that cools and solidifies into real 3D objects. basically it works much like a hot glue gun but instead of a trigger and glue, you work with plastic and two buttons that control the flow of the extrusion (one for regular 2D doodling and the other for doodling in the z-axis). that said, the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen is not exactly a precision tool for prototyping but it is more like an artist’s tool to explore your creativity in the third dimension. in short, the 3Doodler is a complicated device made simple for you to doodle in 3D and hence the name 3Doodlers. the good news is, this awesome innovation is not a concept: WobbleWorks, a young toy company and the folks behind the is ready to bring this into the market with your help via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. for just $75 or more you can make your 3D doodling a dream come true. learn more about the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen in the embedded video below.

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Kickstarter via Engadget

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