seriously, it has been a long while since we need get up and walk to our TV or music system to control them, so why should your lightings be any different? the idea of remote control light is not new but it does involve switching out your light fixture for a specific remote control-capable model which might be everyone’s fancy. this is where the LIFX WiFI Light Bulb comes in. it is a direct replacement for your existing light bulb, which makes it easy to adopt and offers various control of the bulb over WiFi, including dimming and brightness control, cycle the colors through the RGB palette to match your mood or your interior decor, set timer for turn on or off, auto on and off when you get home or when you leave, and set the bulb to pulsate and change color with the beat of your favorite tunes – all conveniently done using a free app for your Android or iPhone.

on top those awesome features, the LED-based LIFX WiFi Light Bulb offers other benefits including significantly longer lifespan with up to 40,000 hours or up to 25 years and uses a whole lot less energy even when compared with today’s energy saving light bulbs, while still achieving a brightness exceeding 900 lumens (equivalent to a 75W incandescent bulb). the LIFX WiFi Light Bulb was one overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter project that ended last November with a record funding of $1.3 million and each bulb went for just $69 each. though the campaign might have ended, but you can still signup with LIFX Labs to keep yourself in the know when LIFX will be available for order again. and oh, instead of the old design with the not-so-cool looking heat sink surrounding the bulb, the LIFX WiFi Light Bulb’s final is way more stylish and look the part of future. no doubt the best looking light bulb we have seen since Hulger Plumen. check out an old pledge video below to learn more about LIFX and its awesomeness.

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