wrist watch with unconventional time telling is not new in the ‘commoner’s’ market but for the elite (read: super rich) domain, we hardly come across one that offers novel way of time telling – extravagant, yes, but certainly not out-of-this-world time as far as time telling is concerned. The Spacecraft by RJ-Romain Jerome stands out as one luxury time piece that goes the novelty route. with two big names in the watch industry – Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht – pitching in for the design of this spacecraft-like luxury watch, you know this ain’t going to be your run-of-the-mill luxe time piece. the unusual trapeze-shaped titanium case is PVD-coated and on its top, it is where the minutes are told via a black rotating disc with a red indicator that safely shield by a sapphire window, while the front features a linear hour display with the current hour highlighted by a red retrograde indicator. other features include a mechanical self-winding movement developed in Jean-Marc Wiederrecht’s Geneva-based manufacturing facility, time-setting screw lock at 12 o’clock and it comes fitted with a black polyamide mesh strap. The Spacecraft by RJ-Romain Jerome will exist as a 99-piece limited edition time piece with yet-to-be-announced price tag. take a few more look in the small gallery below and also check out a product clip in the embedded video right after the gallery, or learn more about this exquisite time piece HERE.

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