can’t decide between a tablet or a notebook (i.e. laptop)? then look forward to this beautiful hybrid, dubbed the LG Tab-Book Hybrid Tablet Notebook, that combines the best of both worlds. well, that’s if Windows is your OS of choice. set to grace the 2013 Mobile World Congress (February 25-28 in Barcelona, Spain), this latest offering from one of the two Korean electronics juggernauts is simply too sleek to ignore. the Tab-Book sets itself apart from its competition with its slide-out keyboard that’s call to action by a simple press of the Auto-Sliding button. other than the latter, details remain scant for now. however, what we do know about this Windows 8-powered portable is, it will be driven by Intel Core i5 processor, has a slim and light form factor and sport features such as a 5-point IPS-equipped multitouch display with wide 178-degree viewing angle (though size isn’t made known). most importantly, this mobile-happy hybrid tablet-notebook will be equipped with LTE, making it a truly mobile device. strangely, LG Tab-Book Hybrid Tablet Notebook will be made available in its home market (i.e. the Land of Kimchi) this week ahead of its imminent presence at the upcoming Mobile World Congress later this month. availability for additional markets will be further advised. while you are waiting patiently for further details to surface (likely in MWC), why not check out a few more (seriously, just a few) in the teeny-weeny gallery below?

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