Romain Jerome’s Super Mario Bros Watch Will Run You Back At $18,950

Gaming and luxury hardly ever mix and so, if anyone tries to create game-themed stuff like, say a timepiece, it will probably view as Dora the Explorer’s cohort, i.e. kiddish and cheap. Though the latter may not necessary be true – just ask any parents, but that’s not the point. The point is, gaming and […]

RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter

we doubt the RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter would be part of an astronaut’s gear, but that’s not say that it is no good. in fact, it is another exquisite beauty that one can expect from RJ-Romain Jerome. limited to just 25 pieces, each costing a whopping €99,000 or $115,000 in American dollars, the Moon Orbiter pays homage to mankind’s never-ending space conquest.

The Spacecraft by RJ-Romain Jerome

wrist watch with unconventional time telling is not new in the ‘commoner’s’ market but for the elite (read: super rich) domain, we hardly come across one that offers novel way of time telling – extravagant, yes, but certainly not out-of-this-world time as far as time telling is concerned. The Spacecraft by RJ-Romain Jerome stands out as one luxury time piece

RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch

we know. those fishy friends deep in the ocean probably won’t appreciate the cool dive watch you have on your wrist but that doesn’t mean style-conscious divers shouldn’t slap a stylish dive watch on their wrist when they are exploring the deepest part of the deep blue. the RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch is one of the latest stylish dive watch to join the market and the first…