RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch

RJ-Romain Jerome Metal Octopus Watch
RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch | from €11,500 | www.romainjerome.ch

we know. those fishy friends deep in the ocean probably won’t appreciate the cool dive watch you have on your wrist but that doesn’t mean style-conscious divers shouldn’t slap a stylish dive watch on their wrist when they are exploring the deepest part of the deep blue. the RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch is one of the latest stylish dive watch to join the market and the first foray into diving watch segment by the Swiss firm. this aesthetically stunning watch features two crowns: one at 9 o’clock for setting the time and another at 3 o’clock for the elapsed time controller. powered by RJ002-A2 mechanical self-winding movement, some of the highlights include a 46 mm case with eight octagon head screws, an exclusive internal uni-directional rotating sapphire bezel engraved with five-minute graduation, notched bezel finished with oxidized-look, Superluminova “blue emission” coated ring markers, luminescent hands, hand-engraved octopus on the caseback framed by eight screws, two screw-locked crowns adorned with eight rivets with intricately engraved image of an octopus, water resistance up to 888 feet (270 meters), satin-brushed traverse struts and paws, black rubber strap with an interior featuring octopus-type suction cups and a dial face depicting a large cross of St. Andrew’s flag which indicates the presence of divers practicing. the RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus comes in three versions: steel (dubbed ‘Metal Octopus’), black PVD-coated steel (dubbed ‘Black Octopus’) and black PVD-coated steel with red gold (dubbed ‘Red Octopus’). available from all RJ-Romain Jerome boutiques with a limited production run of, you guessed it, 888 pieces and for a grand price of €11,500 or US$13,750 each for the Metal and Black Octopus while the Red Octopus will set you back at €12,500 or US$14,900 a piece. click through for a few more larger views.

RJ-Romain Jerome via Luxury Launches

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