we doubt the RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter would be part of an astronaut’s gear, but that’s not say that it is no good. in fact, it is another exquisite beauty that one can expect from RJ-Romain Jerome. limited to just 25 pieces, each costing a whopping €99,000 or $115,000 in American dollars, the Moon Orbiter pays homage to mankind’s never-ending space conquest. and it is more than just a fancy model name, the time piece does embody several features that points towards the intended tribute; such as a bezel-free watchmaking steel case with elements from Apollo 11 spacecraft and a dial face containing genuine moon dust.

beyond that and under the hood of the new case design, it features a unique three-dimensional architecture flying tourbillon, generous use of sapphire around the watch, a 42-hour power reserve with a fuel gauge-like indicator (inspired by olden days spacecraft’s item, perhaps?), piston-style spring-loaded lugs, and a subtle space theme with hex and star pattern completes the styling package. already drooling for one? then grab your check book and head on down to your authorized RJ-Romain Jerome dealer today. btw, in our humble opinion, the RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter could be the most adventurous and exciting piece since The Spacecraft we saw earlier this year.

RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter

RJ-Romain Jerome via PERPETUELLE

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