iZON streams video directly to your iOS devices

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(credit: Stem Innovation) iZON Remote Room Monitor | US$129.95 | steminnovation.com

remote monitor, security cam or whatever you call it, is a dime a dozen in the market and despite that fact, the iZON Remote Room Monitor is still worthy of a mention because it is capable of streaming directly to your iOS devices via your home wireless network without the need for complicated setup and plus the fact that it is has a sleek, and inconspicuous form factor that will appeal to most style-conscious beings. its swiveling mechanism is also well-worth mentioning: this tiny white plastic stick sits on a dome-shaped magnetic base which allows it to be easily oriented to any direction you want the field of view to be. once setup, the live stream is then viewable by EDGE, 3G or WiFi via a companion app – though the aforementioned features only allows up to 5-minutes of viewing at each time.
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iZON also has built-in motion and noise sensor, and iZON will push alerts to you once the set threshold is met. the good thing is, the sensitivity of these two sensors can be set, so you can lesser the chance of false alarm but be warned, the iZON has an automatic upload feature that will record your video directly to your private YouTube account. so make sure you don’t do any hanky-panky business in the room where the iZON is – if you choose to enable this feature. the iZON Remote Room Monitor is available now for $129.95 a pop. reasonable price if you are thinking of just one iZON but if monitoring of multiple area is what your after then it might turn out to be a costly option. check out a short product intro video after the break.

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