the MegaPhone that we adore is finally available

en&is MegaPhone 800x534px
(photos: en&is) en&is MegaPhone | from €399.00 |

remember that lovely natural amplification iPhone speaker, MegaPhone, that we proclaimed loudly that we would take two? well… the good news is, it is available for purchase now and the bad news is (at least, to us), it looks like we can’t even get one cos’ its €399 (or US$550) price proves too prohibitive to us. the MegaPhone that has wowed many with its amazing sound reproduction (despite being power-free) and sleek look, now comes in three colors: black, white and a gold plated model. if you think the latter is going to cost you more, you darn right it is. the gold plated, natural amplification horn will set you back at €599 or about US$825 based on the current going rate. a rather exorbitant price if you look at it as just another power-free or natural amplification speaker but not so if you picture it as a work of art that combines form and function. while you are debating whether or not it is overpriced, why not check out a few more images of this awesome accessory for your iPhone.
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en&is via Oh Gizmo!

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