This Handsome Natural Amplification Smartphone Speaker will Fit Nearly All Smartphone Model

Driven by the passion of not wanting to add to the piling electronic waste and the desire to boost the smartphone volume, Slovenia-based Tok Tok Furniture created a compact, handsome natural amplification speaker for smartphone that’s crafted entirely out of wood. By using wood, the solution is totally sustainable and uses not a wee bit …

Designed by Many Announces Apple Watch/iPhone Dock with Sound Amplification and Apple Watch Case

What’s the next big thing in the gadget accessories market? We’d say Apple Watch accessories and in particular, docks. We don’t post as many article as most big blogs do, but even then, we have already seen no less than five beautiful examples. We wouldn’t say which one is the prettiest, because they are all …

Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

just when we were talking about how Gramophone-style speakers almost always comes in natural amplification form, we stumbled upon yet another beautiful power-free example, also based on Gramophone design (obviously), coming from Restoration Hardware. this device or accessory, if you prefer, is simply known as the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

we must have seen tons of stands for iOS and Android devices, and dozens of them dealing in natural amplification, but hardly any that can actually claim as one-size fits all and by all, we do mean nearly all devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets. this is where the OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

Muji Splash-proof Smartphone Speaker

need some music to croon along with while you are bathing? or perhaps, tweeting about your showering experience? (seriously, don’t do that) then you will need the Muji Splash-proof Smartphone Speaker. equipped with a pair of 28mm drivers, this water-resistance case houses virtually any smartphone and hooks up to the speakers

JBL OnBeat Rumble Bluetooth Sound Dock

being a geek with a discerning style taste, you probably wouldn’t settle for anything less in the look department and that applies to any gadgets that you own (or will be owning). with the JBL OnBeat Rumble Bluetooth Sound Dock, you can safely check the style ‘prerequisite’ off from your gadget’s must-have checklist

JBL OnBeat Micro & Venue LT Sound Docks

now that you have snapped up the various Apple small devices sporting the new Lightning connector, then maybe it is time to shop for some Lightning-equipped accessories such as sound docks, for example. makers aren’t as enthusiastic as they used to be ever since the decisive connector change by Apple but lucky…

BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior

who would pay five figures for a sound dock that is as huge as a refrigerator? probably none but if it sits in the sub-200 category and yet, inherits the quality of its colossal counterpart, then that’s another story. well, that’s what the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior is about. the Junior’s predecessor, the iNuke Boom was first introduced back at this year’s CES and it was…

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