love how your iPhone sounded, but wish it could be a few notches louder without the clutter of wires? then natural amplification sound dock such as the Volta Sound Block iPhone Speaker Dock might just be what you will need. natural amplification iPhone speaker is quite common in the market today, but the Volta Sound Block iPhone Speaker Dock stands as one rustic piece, that comes complete with a detachable Bison horn for sound output. yes. you heard that right. a Bison horn. as for the main body, each piece is crafted from a solid block of Northwest Alder hailed from Oregon and instead of putting your lovely iPhone at risk of scratches from direct contact with the beautiful wood, the dock is lined with wool from Pendleton Woolen Mills, ensuring your precious one will remain scratch-free docking in and out of the Volta Sound Block iPhone Speaker Dock. another notable feature is its ‘horn’ (yes, we just love ’em): it attaches to the sound block with the aid of neodymium magnets which holds it firmly, and yet still have the flexibility to adjust the angle of the horn, or be removed for easy transportation. we just love the marriage of the wild west and rustic charm that this particular power-free sound dock offers. sound aside, it could a great show piece addition for your home. available in four different wood finishes, including dark native, light native, dark gray, as well as light gray. if you want to call the Volta Sound Block iPhone Speaker Dock your own, then be prepared to dole out $190 for each. not a small amount by any means – keeping in mind that this is baby here has no technology trickeries.

The Volta Sound Company via Cool Material

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