BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior

BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior
BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior | US$179.99 |

who would pay five figures for a sound dock that is as huge as a refrigerator? probably none but if it sits in the sub-200 category and yet, inherits the quality of its colossal counterpart, then that’s another story. well, that’s what the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior is about. the Junior’s predecessor, the iNuke Boom was first introduced back at this year’s CES and it was a sound dock that pumps out a mind-boggling 10,000 watts of audio and with an immense physical size to match. now that we all know that commoners like us isn’t looking for a fridge-sized sound dock, the 1:23 replica Junior should be a more attractive, if not a practical proposition. drawing inspiration from the gargantuan counterpart, the scaled down iNuke Boom features a 3-way active speaker design that includes a pair of 1″ tweeter, dual 3″ midrange drivers, and a 5.25″ subwoofer, connectivity for iPod/iPhone, Line-in, RCA connectors, as well as video out. not surprisingly, the Junior is still using the old 30-pin dock connector which could be a real deal-breaker as far as new generations of iDevice are concerned but with a sticker of just $179.99 and the promised of “full concert sound experience” in a smaller and more practical form factor, it is certainly favorable option. hey, there’s always the adapter to take care of the compatibility issue right? check out a product intro video after the break.

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