Colorware introduces custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones

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(image credit: ColorWare) ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 | US$560.00 |

Pioneer HDJ-2000 – a pair of headphones destined for DJs and audiophiles alike. beyond the flashing bright lights of your DJ-ing career, how else could you stand out from the crowd of aspiring DJs? well, get yourself a customized color Pioneer HDJ-2000 from ColorWare, of course. the vibrant sound of the HDJ-2000 is best spoken with colors, and you can customize the different parts of the headphones to any palette that you fancy. of course, being uniquely different doesn’t come cheap and speaking of which, the ColorWare Custom Pioneer HDJ-2000 will set you back at a wallet breaking $560 or you can send in yours for the customization process for $260. damn, i wish the earmuff could be in any color except black.
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