incredible homemade pulse laser gun that actually works!

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(image credit: Patrick Priebe)

laser is used for the refractive surgery procedure to rectify short-sightedness but the laser in this gun isn’t the Lasik that i had in mind. looking into this gun could literally make you go blind. i’m not kidding. created by Patrick Priebe, this is a real working pulse laser gun is capable of unleashing a 1-kilowatt pulse, which is enough to punch holes in plastic sheet and pop balloons up to a 3 meter range. constructed out of brass, aluminum for the casing and Plexi for the center-plate, it took Patrick approximately 70-hours of work to complete. the ultimate goal was to create a handheld pulse laser gun that was as compact as possible and so here it is, a 320mm long Pulse Laser Gun that weighs just 2 lbs. check out the video of the Pulse Laser Gun in action after the jump. why am i getting a feeling that the military will be knocking on Patrick’s door…

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