Moleskine Photo Books

Moleskine Photo Books
Moleskine Photo Books | from US37.50 |

honestly, we are a not a huge fan of printed photos cos’ we think they are a mess to consolidate and more often than not, the individual photo gets lost. we also loath the part where we need to buy those uninspiring photo albums with tacky mounting to put them together. however, if the photos are printed as a book like the Moleskine Photo Books featured here, then that is a different story. the Moleskine Photo Books is the result of a wonderful collaboration between Moleskine and PQ Blackwell, the creators of MILK Photo Books and it brings together the beauty of classy Moleskine notebook and your choice of most cherish photos, published on a choice of 20-page or 60-page Moleskine Photo Book. features include hardcover with your image inset on the cover, multiple text styles and color options, elastic closure, ivory colored fine papers, lie-flat stitched binding, and an expandable inner pocket for your other memorable items. additionally, the 60-page Moleskine Photo Book comes with a matching linen fabric slipcase, as well as access to online digital Flip Book with video capability. each book comes in landscape format measuring 23 x 18.9 cm (9.8″ x 7.4″). available for pre-order now with a price tag of $37.50 and $74.95 for the 20-page and 60-page version, respectively.

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