Karl aka Kommander Karl is a video game environment artist who plays video games and, ermm, reloads stuff for fun. Karl has a YouTube channel that is clearly inspired by first-person shooter video games. In his channel, Karl, well, reload things.

Kommander Karl Videos Of Reloading

Everything that comes into contact with Karl’s hands becomes objects that can be reloaded. Everything is recorded in first-person perspective because, ya’ know, FPS.

Anyways, the videos are strangely satisfying to watch. Why? I have no idea. Trust me you’d be hooked once you started watching. I find myself digging through Karl’s library of reloading videos.

Kommander Karl Videos Of Reloading

Karl reloads everything, btw, from more regular items like NERF blasters to the strange, you never thought could be reloaded things like Hot Dog Bun and leaf blower. Yes. Hot Dog Bun.

Keep going for some of his reload compilation videos. Meanwhile, you may also find Karl on Twitter and Instagram.

Images: YouTube (Kommander Karl).

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