Batman: Everybody Lies Board Game

Ever read Batman comics and wish you could help the cape crusader solve Gotham City’s crimes? Well, if you do, your wish is about to realize with Batman: Everybody Lies board game.

Batman: Everybody Lies Board Game

Coming from board game maker Portal Games, Batman: Everybody Lies board game is a crime-solving deduction board designed for 2-4 aspiring Gotham City crime solvers.

OK. We lied. You don’t need to be a Gotham resident to play the game. But you do get to visit many iconic Gotham City locations, including the Batcave, Arkham Asylum, Blackgate Penitentiary, and the Gotham City Gazette.

Plus, you will get to interact with the hero himself, as well as a bunch of key characters from the Batman comics universe, including The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and more.

Batman: Everybody Lies Board Game

The game offers 4 criminal cases to solve, all of which combine to form a master plot.

Even if you are not a huge fan of solving crimes, the Batman: Everybody Lies will appeal as much if you are a superfan of Batman. The comics scene deck type alone is worthy of collecting for superfans and collectors, IMHO.

The Batman: Everybody Lies will be available starting in May 2022. Meanwhile, you may secure a copy by pre-ordering from Portal Games webshop for US$50.

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And you may want to pre-order because it does come with some pre-order exclusive bonuses, including printouts of the Gotham City Gazette, an investigation notebook, a custom-shaped wooden Location marker, and a Wooden Investigation marker with the Batman logo.

Batman: Everybody Lies Board Game

Images: Portal Games.