If you have always wanted a smartwatch for tracking your activity as well as monitoring your health metrics, but have not committed to one due to the price, well then, the TicWatch GTH Pro may be the smartwatch that can get you started.

TicWatch GTH Pro Smartwatch

The new TicWatch GTH Pro may be super affordable at US$99.99 a pop but it does save on features. In fact, it is the opposite; it is the world’s first smartwatch to feature dual PPG sensors that offers unique insights into arterial health and other biometrics specific to you.

Here’s how it works:

“With just the light touch of the finger on the side sensor, the TicWatch GTH Pro can measure a user’s arterial waveforms – pressure waves based on the strength of the user’s own pulse as blood flows through the user’s body – with algorithms based on the proprietary SphygmoCor® technology* from ATCOR.”

TicWatch GTH Pro Smartwatch

In addition, you can keep track of your blood saturation (SpO2) levels and get insights into your heart rate, Heart Stress Index (HSX), Exercise Capacity (eCAP), and ArtyAge.

On the active lifestyle aspect, it is able to automatically track steps, calories burned, distance walked, and keep track of the active time throughout the day. It can track 14 sports, including running, walking, indoor and outdoor cycling, pool swimming – just to name a few.

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Speaking of swimming, the watch is has a rated water resistance of 5ATM (50 meters or 165 feet).

TicWatch GTH Pro Smartwatch

The watch is outfitted with a 1.55-inch Apple Watch-style oblong display, bolstered by a 2.5D curved glass. Furthermore, it has got a 260 mAh battery that recharges in just 2 hours and is good for up to 10 days of use. There’s one caveat, though. It does not have a built-in GPS.

If anyone’s interested, you can pick up the new TicWatch GTH Pro Smartwatch for the aforementioned US$99.99 from Amazon and Mobvoi.com.

TicWatch GTH Pro Smartwatch

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