need some music to croon along with while you are bathing? or perhaps, tweeting about your showering experience? (seriously, don’t do that) then you will need the Muji Splash-proof Smartphone Speaker. equipped with a pair of 28mm drivers, this water-resistance case houses virtually any smartphone and hooks up to the speakers via an audio headphone jack. the transparent front allows continual interaction with your touchscreen device even with wet hands, thus allowing you to spin your favorite tunes, watch videos (clips on how to bathe, perhaps?), check on your tweets, surf the web (why would you even do that anyway?), plus a whole lot of other activities that you normally would use your smartphone for outside of the bathroom. and that’s what we call ‘extending your smartphone capability’. sure. you could get a LifeProof case, but that doesn’t give you 28mm stereo speakers, does it? so this is the best bet apart from installing a showerhead speakerif music is what you are after. we are pretty sure your neighbors, or your spouse would appreciate sound from the pros, then from a bathroom crooner. get it for $69.50 via Muji web store.

Muji via werd.

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