Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle: Made By Honda, Designed By Muji

We saw the news about a Muji x Honda electric bicycle last week. But as always, we need to know the source. The fact that it wasn’t posted on Honda Japan and Honda Global made us even more curious. As it turns out, this moped-style two-wheeler is a collaboration between Japanese lifestyle brand Muji and …

RoboSense LiDAR Allows GACHA Self-driving Bus To Work Even In Snow

We just reported on the world’s first full-size self-driving electric bus in Singapore and now, we hear that there’s a new LiDAR technology, one of the key components in self-driving technology, that could function in extreme cold. A tropical country like Singapore, most electronics shouldn’t have any issue, but in a country like Finland with …

Muji Bluetooth Speaker Charging Tray

we have crossed path with Muji-made speakers and we were impressed by their minimalism which often goes without advertisements and are largely understated. they are simple, easy to use and basically, pleasing to the eyes, which altogether makes them totally at home in both contemporary and rustic interior setups. that said, it is safe to assume that this Muji

Muji Splash-proof Smartphone Speaker

need some music to croon along with while you are bathing? or perhaps, tweeting about your showering experience? (seriously, don’t do that) then you will need the Muji Splash-proof Smartphone Speaker. equipped with a pair of 28mm drivers, this water-resistance case houses virtually any smartphone and hooks up to the speakers