we have crossed path with Muji-made speakers and we were impressed by their minimalism which often goes without advertisements and are largely understated. they are simple, easy to use and basically, pleasing to the eyes, which altogether makes them totally at home in both contemporary and rustic interior setups. that said, it is safe to assume that this Muji Bluetooth Speaker Charging Tray (model BSSJT-MJ) will not stray too much away from that awesome Muji’s design ethos. the Muji Bluetooth Speaker Charging Tray, as the name suggests, is a Bluetooth speaker with a cosy place up top to nest your regular size smartphone and lifting up the tray, unveils a pair of powered USB ports which can be used to charge your smartphone. attention to detail is the name of the game here; the tray sports a cutout slot that lets you route the USB cable to reach the concealed USB ports and the generous space beneath can also be used to tuck away the excess cable, leaving the surface neat and tidy.

the device comes with an integrated forward-facing speaker grille and a set of hard buttons for muting, volume control, and power on/off. and that’s all there is to it. no frills, no thrills. it just work as it should with the bonus of being aesthetically pleasing. however, it is noteworthy that it appears to have only one driver to its name (despite having a “speaker grille” that covers the entire front) and so one shouldn’t be expecting out-of-this-world sound. then again, this isn’t a serious system to begin with – more like a companion to fill those little music void in your life while you are in the kitchen, or something along that line. you get the Muji Bluetooth Speaker Charging Tray HERE for about $100. scroll down for a few more larger views.

PS: if you are in Japan, you can get it for 5,900 Yen HERE.

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