We saw the news about a Muji x Honda electric bicycle last week. But as always, we need to know the source. The fact that it wasn’t posted on Honda Japan and Honda Global made us even more curious. As it turns out, this moped-style two-wheeler is a collaboration between Japanese lifestyle brand Muji and Sundiro Honda.

Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle

There is a difference in the latter. Let me explain. Sundiro Honda (新大洲本田摩托有限公司) is a Sino-Japanese joint motorcycle company. Sundiro Honda was established in 2001 by Hainan-based motorcycle maker Sundiro Holding in partnership with Japan Honda Technology Co., Ltd., and Honda Technology Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

So, yeah, it is a joint venture company that makes, well, all manner of motorcycles. Anyways, back to the Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle… it will be officially revealed in an event on July 15. But thanks to the good folks at designboom, we have all that we need to know about this oh-so-Muji two-wheeler.

Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle

The vehicle, designated MS01, is designed by both companies and presented with a very clean, minimal aesthetic as we have expected from Muji. Like a moped proper, it has a step-through design and retains the good old pedals, and is topped with a classic handlebar and LED light.

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It is powered by a 400W motor that is good for up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). It is paired with a 48V/20 Ah battery, affording it a range of 65 km (40 miles), and rolls on 17-inch tubeless tires. The range may not be the best but hey, it has got pedals and so, the range isn’t going to be an issue as long you have leg power.

Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle

Now for the not-so-good news. It looks like the Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle is a China exclusive. It will have a limited run of 5,000 units, each going for 4,980 RMB (approximately US$741).

Muji x Sundiro Honda Electric Bicycle

Images: Weibo (无印良品MUJI) [CH]/Sundiro Honda [CH].

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