the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle is not copper-colored and its creator did not explicitly said that it is steampunk-inspired, but to us, it is a set of wheels that has that Victoria-era feel. you know? that kind of retro-futuristic look? based on the 1967 Honda SS and in capacities between 90cc and 125cc, the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle is one heck of eye-catching two-wheeler and it will be literally eye-catching under bright sunny days. we have absolutely no doubt about it. the bike features a chrome unibody construction, along with a slew of components in the same delightful chrome finish – save for the handle grip, tires, the engine, carburetor, footrests, and cattle skin leather seat – even the suspensions are completely chrome as far as our eyes can see.

a few other details include custom exhaust (and you thought it look strange, don’t you?), custom handlebars and some nice touch of bronze detailing (at the exhaust tip, carb, tip of intake and exhaust manifolds, as well as the ring around the headlamp). if you all in for an artsy, retro-futuristic ride that you probably will obsessed over keeping nice and shiny, the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle is the bike of choice for you and you can actually pre-order one now – for just $4,600.

Bandit9 via Uncrate

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