The Future Is Here: Bandit9 L.Concept And Ava Custom Motorcycles

There are motorcycles and then there’s Bandit9. If you have the love for the unconventional and dig two-wheelers, then Bandit9 L.Concept and Ava could be good fit for you. Inheriting the design cues from the Bishop and EVE, the duo bears a striking retro-futuristic look that could only have come from sci-fi movies, or maybe […]

Bandit9 Bishop Concept Will Make You Fall In Love With Cafe Racer-style Motorbike All Over Again

there are bike lovers and then there are bike lovers who just love the unconventional. if you belong to the latter, chances are, you have heard of Daryl Villanueva, better known for his works behind Bandit9. EVE was the last we have seen from this exceedingly talented custom bike maker and as the dust is […]

Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle

the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle is not copper-colored and its creator did not explicitly said that it is steampunk-inspired, but to us, it is a set of wheels that has that Victoria-era feel. you know? that kind of retro-futuristic look? based on the 1967 Honda SS and in capacities between 90cc and 125cc, the Bandit9 EVE Concept Motorcycle…