Bandit9 Bishop Concept Motorcycle

there are bike lovers and then there are bike lovers who just love the unconventional. if you belong to the latter, chances are, you have heard of Daryl Villanueva, better known for his works behind Bandit9. EVE was the last we have seen from this exceedingly talented custom bike maker and as the dust is just settling for EVE, Bandit9 is already busy conceptualizing yet another two-wheeler that will make you fall in love with his creation all over again. the bike here is Bishop Concept, which, unlike the retro-futuristic EVE, has a more cafe racer look to it.

based on Honda SuperSport with capacities between 90cc and 125cc, the Bishop Concept motorcycle is built around a high-grade aluminum unibody and as before, it stands out as one motorbike that has the fuel tank seamlessly integrated into the body, accented with walnut, oak, teak burl side panels, and polished to shine for good aesthetic measures. to the south, is a long seat with roll padding, wrapped in charcoal grey suede material. other details include custom suspensions, LED brake lights with quartz glass, custom rear set, and an electric starter so you won’t have kick like a mad man.

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of course, there are lots of parts are finished in chrome and for the Bishop, it appears to have an unfinished brushed metal look on the main body that, when coupled to the aforementioned wood panels, gave the bike a very industrial and yet elegant appearance. what can we say? this bike deserves a spot in any avant garde bike enthusiast’s living room. according to a report, only nine such fine examples will be built, each costing between $6,400 and $6,800. the Bandit9 Bishop Concept Motorcycle is opened for pre-order, which you can do so by getting in touch with the outfit.

Bandit9 via autoevolution